Here we regularly report about our advances and achievements.
The SURAG team with Prof. Nassir Navab
SURAG continues collaboration with TUM 2048 1536 SURAG

SURAG continues collaboration with TUM

Our broad network of clinical, industry and research partners is vital to us, and so are regular visits to them. After the long-lasting travel restrictions, we were finally able to visit our clinical and research partners at the University Hospital Rechts der Isar and the Technical University of Munich in mid of July. We are…

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We founded the SURAG Medical GmbH 2345 1232 SURAG

We founded the SURAG Medical GmbH

After thorough preparation, we founded the SURAG Medical GmbH on June 23. With this, we have created the conditions for the continuation of our project outside the university. That allows us to focus fully on our way towards market entry. We are delighted to announce that we officially founded SURAG Medical GmbH in Magdeburg. Dr.…

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SURAG has presented three studies related to the SURAG concept for acquiring palpation feedback in robot-assisted surgery and orthopedic surgery at the CURAC and the BMT 2020. Three Surgical Audio Guidance related works have been presented in the “19th Annual Conference of the German Society for Computer- and Robot-Assisted Surgery (CURAC)” and at the “54th…

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SURAG presentation at the MICCAI conference 1600 1069 SURAG

SURAG presentation at the MICCAI conference

Our team leader Dr. Alfredo Illanes presented the core of our SURAG concept at the prestigious MICCAI conference, showing that a simple and inexpensive audio sensor can provide similar information as a complex and expensive force sensor. Dr. Alfredo Illanes, leader of the SURAG project, has presented the work entitled “Feasibility Check: Can Audio be…

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otto ist innovation 1600 1200 SURAG

otto ist innovation

SURAG is part of this year’s otto ist innovation marketing campaign by the city of Magdeburg. After being interviewed for the campaign some weeks ago, we participated the campaign opening and received one of the campaign’s booklets. Some weeks ago, the city of Magdeburg’s marketing office contacted us for an interview as part of this year’s…

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Science4Life awards our SURAG-Concept 1058 680 SURAG

Science4Life awards our SURAG-Concept

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Science4Life concept phase academy days had to be conducted virtually – a first-time experience for all involved. Nevertheless, thanks to the great effort of the organizing team, we had two informative days. After being awarded during the first phase of this years Science4Life venture cup in November, our SURAG-concept…

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Science4Life Award for our SURAG-Idea 1600 1067 SURAG

Science4Life Award for our SURAG-Idea

As one of 20 teams, Science4Life invited us to their academy day in Frankfurt am Main. After a day of interesting workshops and discussions, our SURAG idea has been awarded as one of the best five among more than 80 submitted ideas.   Science4Life is a non-profit organization which was found in 1998 and offers…

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EXIST Transfer of Research 1600 800 SURAG

EXIST Transfer of Research

After working on our application for the EXIST Transfer of Research for several month, we have been invited to the Projektträger Jülich (PTJ) in Berlin to defend our application in front of a highly proficient jury of experts from different backgrounds. One day later, we received the notification that our project proposal has been accepted by…

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ISCAS 2019: Best Poster Award 1052 671 SURAG

ISCAS 2019: Best Poster Award

At ISCAS 2019 we received the best poster award for the presentation of our joint research with the group of Miguel Coimbra from the University of Porto on the combination of our SURAG system with external ultrasound for improved accuracy and as a base for a novel hybrid approach during needle based clinical procedures. On…

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iSMIT Best Paper Award 829 461 SURAG

iSMIT Best Paper Award

The Surgical Audio Guidance (SURAG) concept has received two prices at the SMIT 2019 Conference. The Surgical Audio Guidance (SURAG) concept developed by the INKA research team received two prices at the Society of Medical Innovation and Technology (SMIT) Conference in Heilbronn, Germany. The work entitled “Surgical Audio Guidance SurAG: novel non-invasive proximally acquired information…

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Scientific Reports 678 372 SURAG

Scientific Reports

INKA chair presents a new concept for guiding medical interventional devices in the prestigious Scientific Reports journal. The Data Processing group of the INKA chair, lead by Dr. Alfredo Illanes, has published in Scientific Reports an innovative concept for acquiring additional complementary information for guiding medical interventional devices (MID) in minimally invasive procedures. This concept…

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Hugo Junkers Award for Innovation and Research 940 626 SURAG

Hugo Junkers Award for Innovation and Research

Hugo Junkers Preis 2017 / 2nd place for SURAG – Surgical Audio Guide – Towards the verified therapeutic goal via “listening” at the medical device. Chair of Intelligent Catheters and Image Guided Therapies at the Otto von Guericke University with new technology approach for minimal invasive therapy guidance. We are very happy to announce that…

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